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LiftFund helps finance new and existing small businesses that do not have access to capital from typical lending sources, such as traditional banks. Along with vital business loans, LiftFund provides educational services, which are essential to foster self-sufficiency.

LiftFund, a nonprofit organization, has helped thousands of small business owners achieve their entrepreneurial dreams by helping them attain both small business loans and free educational services.

Apply for a loan

LiftFund provides small business loans ranging from $500 to $1 million across 13 states. In addition, LiftFund collaborates with U.S. Small Business Administration lenders and other lending institutions to provide SBA 504 Loans. Review the LiftFund eligibility guidelines and frequently asked questions, and determine if LiftFund is the resource you need as you start your business or take your business to the next level.

Learn with LiftFund

Take advantage of the LiftFund templates and tools as you plan, work or expand your business. Some of the tools available include the following:

  • Quiz to determine your readiness to apply for a loan
  • Formal and informal business plan templates
  • Financial templates —
    • Monthly Cash Flow
    • Startup Business Financial
    • Personal Financial Statement
    • SCORE Projection
    • Monthly Financial
    • Income Statement and Balance Sheet
    • Month and Annual Financial Projection
    • Business Financial Projection

Opportunities with LiftFund

  • Internships — Gain hands-on experience in marketing, sales, lending and business support as you learn skills in community and economic development.
  • Volunteer — Volunteers are welcomed with open arms at LiftFund. Volunteers assist in planning and carrying out special events and helping with client and donor outreach.
  • Employment — Perhaps you’re interested in employment in the nonprofit lending field. Check to see if any of the LiftFund open positions are a good fit for you.

Self-employment may be a wonderful way to help provide for your family. Starting and sustaining a business can be hard work and may present a variety of challenges. If you’re considering starting a business, LiftFund may be an excellent resource for you. For more information about LiftFund, please call 888-215-2373 or email

LiftFund is a member of the Spouse Ambassador Network, a group of organizations united to help military spouses achieve their education and career goals. Check out the full list of Spouse Ambassador Network organizations.

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