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Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Coaching Packages

Explore your interests, refresh your resume and jump-start your career by working with career coaches on specialized coaching packages.

Whether you are joining the workforce for the first time or looking to re-enter with a competitive edge, SECO coaching packages are a fantastic place to start. These packages offer specialty consultations with career coaches designed to help you succeed in the job market. Figure out which one is right for you and get started by calling 800-342-9647 or using the Live Chat feature on MySECO today to schedule your appointment.

Industry-Specific Coaching Packages

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Transitioning Spouse Coaching Package

Get off to a strong start as you transition to civilian life.

  • Determine your career and education goals and make a plan to meet them.
  • Create or update your resume, practice interviewing and build a professional network.
  • Learn about resources and services to support you and your family during the transition.
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Helping Professions Coaching Package

Prepare for and build a career in a helping profession.

  • Work with a career coach to explore open job opportunities in this field.
  • Develop an action plan and become familiar with career requirements.
  • Explore education requirements and funding options.
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SECO Freelancing in a Gig Economy Package

Turn your side job into a portable full-time career.

  • Examine your past professional experience and skills to see how you can help companies as an independent consultant or contractor.
  • Research target markets and your networking skills.
  • Work with a career coach to explore freelance opportunities in government contracting and other industries.
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SECO Intelligence and Cybersecurity Coaching Package

Explore a career in intelligence or cybersecurity.

  • Work with a career coach to assess your interests and learn more about career paths in intelligence or cybersecurity.
  • Investigate your education and training options, find financial resources and choose your program.
  • Get assistance with your job search when you’re ready to find a position in the intelligence or cybersecurity field.
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SECO Science, Technology, Engineering Math — STEM — Coaching Package

Explore or advance your career in science, technology, engineering or math.

  • Work with a career coach to learn about the STEM career opportunities.
  • Identify STEM-related degrees and develop an academic plan to achieve a position in your desired STEM field.
  • Learn how to tailor your resume to address specific areas of experience for the STEM occupation you are seeking.
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SECO Entrepreneurship Coaching Package

Take your business to the next level.

  • Use the Entrepreneurial EDGE™ tool to discover your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Work with a career coach to create a 90-day plan for your business.
  • Discover crucial business research and funding methods.
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SECO Health Care Coaching Package

Investigate the range of portable career opportunities in the high-growth health care field.

  • Explore health care career options with a career coach.
  • Develop your plan of action by assessing your interests, academic options and potential career path.
  • Understand how to create your resume, build your network and find health care employers and jobs.
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SECO K-12 Education Coaching Package

Consider a career in K-12 education if you are interested in teaching children and teens.

  • Connect with a career coach to explore career opportunities in K-12 Education.
  • Research schools and programs, accreditation, licensure and financial resources.
  • Receive resume guidance, job search assistance and networking tips as you start or continue your career in K-12 Education.
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SECO Federal Employment Coaching Package

Learn the skills and get the confidence to apply for, and land, a job with the federal government.

  • Discover what skills federal employers are looking for in employees and tailor your resume to meet those needs.
  • Learn about different pathways into government employment, including federal internships, externships the USA JOBS Pathways Program.
  • Locate federal position listings and get insider tips for nailing the interview.
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SECO Information Technology Coaching Package

Get personalized resources and tools to break into the fast-growing field of information technology, or IT.

  • Discover a range of available IT occupations, including technical support staff, programmers, analysts and web developers.
  • Look into training and education programs to help you start or advance in your IT career.
  • Connect with a career coach to receive expert tips on resumes, job searches and interviewing for the IT field.
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Career Transition Coaching Packages

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Working Overseas Coaching Package

Become familiar with the unique experience of working overseas.

  • Explore relevant resources you can use when moving overseas.
  • Identify a variety of action items that need to take place before relocation.
  • Learn techniques for building meaningful networking connections and the importance of professional associations.
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Gaining Experience Coaching Package

Gain work-related experience to help further your career.

  • Learn about formal engagements, such as apprenticeships, fellowships and internships and less formal engagements, like externships and volunteering.
  • Create and update your resume to prepare for applying to the experience opportunity.
  • Identify avenues to find professional networks and how to build them, such as through volunteering.
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SECO Working Remotely Coaching Package

Learn about remote work opportunities and explore your fit for this portable career option.

  • Discover the benefits and challenges of remote work.
  • Understand how to set up and prepare to work remotely.
  • Identify employers that hire remotely.
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SECO Career Readiness Coaching Package

Job seekers should start here for a crash course in essential skills.

  • Access resources to find the right career field for you.
  • Learn how to build a resume tailored to a job posting.
  • Conduct mock interviews and salary negotiations.
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SECO Re-entering the Workforce Coaching Package

Refresh your skills and prepare to jump back into the job market with confidence.

  • Ensure your readiness with targeted skills refreshers.
  • Learn how to address employment gaps and create a resume to get you noticed.
  • Master the art of professional networking to help you make connections.
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SECO New Spouse Coaching Package

Are you new to military life? Discover strategies and resources for living and working in the military environment.

  • Learn about installation resources to boost your military life learning curve.
  • Find more information on great connections to build your community network.
  • Investigate programs created to help you meet your education and career goals.
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SECO Permanent Change of Station Coaching Package

Learn how to keep advancing your career or education, even if a PCS is in your future. 

  • Find educational opportunities that fit your goals and mobile military life.
  • Build your network and learn skills to ace your next interview. 
  • Get insights from other military spouses and tap into Military OneSource's robust services.
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SECO Career Pathways Coaching Package

Tap into a wealth of resources and personalized services to find, launch, boost or switch your career.

  • Match your passion, aptitudes and goals to a career path and determine your next steps.
  • Research educational opportunities and find the right program for your professional goals.
  • Connect with acareer coach and get resources for ongoing support.
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Call 800-342-9647 today or use the Live Chat feature on MySECO to schedule your appointment with a career coach and get a head start on your career. Be sure to mention the SECO coaching package you would like to explore from the above options.

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