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Postsecondary Education: Finances and Resources

This table illustrates the average total costs of attending an undergraduate institution for first-time, full-time students.

In addition to tuition and required fees, it is important to also consider books and supplies when planning your education budget. There are ways to reduce the cost of books and materials these days. With the rise of e-commerce sites, you have the ability to shop around online for the best prices, which can reduce your expenses. Buying used books is another way to help lower your overall costs. Be sure to visit the below link to see what other costs you will need to take into consideration when deciding on your education options.

You can also visit the SECO Scholarship Finder to find financial assistance resources that can help you fund your degree. Contact a SECO career coach at 800-342-9647 or use the Live Chat feature on MySECO for additional guidance on funding your education and lowering your expenses.

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