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Military Spouse eMentor Program

The Military Spouse eMentor Program is a dynamic online community where protégés can receive personalized career guidance, advice, support and inspiration from more experienced military spouses, career mentors and military spouse-friendly employers.

As a participant in the eMentor program, you can easily search through the entire database of mentors using filters like 'industry' or 'location' to select the right person for you. Using some basic information from your online profile, the program will also suggest mentors who have similar backgrounds. Most spouses meet with their mentor a few times each month to establish goals and create simple action plans for making their goals happen. How often you meet and how you communicate is all up to you. Mentors are typically available via phone, Skype, email, or messaging in the eMentor system or, if co-located in the same geographic area, in person.

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