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Accreditation Search

Identify accredited postsecondary institutions and programs. Accreditation, a prerequisite for graduate programs, is a key in obtaining federal and state financial aid and transferring credits.

Accreditation is the recognition that an educational institution and its programs meet acceptable levels of quality, which are set by independent bodies called accrediting agencies. During the accreditation process, an agency evaluates the faculty and staff credentials, program curricula, financial stability and the learning environment. If the institution meets the agency's standards, the agency grants the institution an accredited status.

Attending an accredited institution may increase your chances of gaining admission to other institutions, should you wish to earn a postgraduate degree. School accreditation is also important if you have to transfer your credits and is a prerequisite for many higher-level programs.

When you complete your education from an accredited institution, your credentials will be more marketable to employers, and you will have met the standards for your career field licensure or certification. Use the accreditation search to find the accreditation of schools you are considering.

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