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O*NET Interest Profiler

Finding a career you are passionate about just got a bit easier. Take the “O*NET Interest Profiler” assessment to match your core job interests with potential careers.

Before investing time and money in education, training and licensing for a career you aren't certain you will love, take the O*NET Interest Profiler assessment to see what your core job interests are and how they line up with existing career fields. Basing your initial career search on core interests can lead to the career that best matches the types of tasks you enjoy.

The "O*NET Interest Profiler" classifies areas of interest into six categories. People with these specific interests like work that includes the following:

  • Realistic, which involves working with hands-on problem solving, outdoor work including working with animals and plants, and using materials like wood, tools and machinery
  • Investigative, which involves working with ideas and thinking, searching for facts and figuring out problems
  • Artistic, which involves creativity, thinking out-of-the-box and work that doesn't require following specific rules
  • Social, which involves working with others to assist them, teaching, giving advice, serving
  • Enterprising, which involves taking action, starting up and continuing business projects, making decisions, persuading and leading people, and taking risks for greater gain
  • Conventional, which involves working with routines and set procedures, working with information, paying attention to detail, working with clear rules and following a strong leader

Once you complete the assessment, you can select your Job Zone, which is your chance to filter the career results by adding in your current or future level of education and training. The results of this assessment provide you with a list of careers based on your core interests and chosen level of education and training. When you click on each career title, you receive a detailed report on that career including the following:

  • A job description
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job
  • Typical personality traits of a person in that career
  • Technology used
  • Education requirements
  • Job outlook
  • Salary
  • Links for more information

The assessment results can assist as you research careers and learn about occupations and skills you can take with you as you relocate.

For more information about career exploration, visit the Assess Your Skills and Interests section of the Career Exploration lifecycle stage of MySECO. Speak with a career coach at 800-342-9647 for personalized assistance with career planning.

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