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LinkedIn Premium

Upgrade for military spouses during a PCS or within six months of separation from the military.

The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program is excited to be partnering with LinkedIn’s Military and Veterans Program to offer military spouses who are moving due to a permanent change of station and military spouses within six months of separation from the military cutting edge resources and tools at no cost. This partnership allows you to begin your job hunt and build networks as soon as you receive PCS orders by providing you with access to a one-year upgrade to LinkedIn Premium at no charge, including free access to LinkedIn’s online library of more than 12,000 LinkedIn Learning courses. Through this partnership, you will be able to:

  • Get advanced intelligence about how you compare to other applicants, including analysis of your education, experience and skills.
  • Access free online training to develop new skills or refresh old ones, to eliminate any skills gaps between you and other applicants.
  • Message those you may not already be connected to, in order to build a professional network that will help you achieve your professional goals.
  • Access LinkedIn’s learning path for military spouses, focused on obtaining and succeeding in remote, flexible or freelance work opportunities.
  • Join the Department of Defense military spouse LinkedIn group, which will signal your status as a military spouse to recruiters seeking to hire from this community.

Visit the link below to register. You will be prompted to log into your MySECO account first. If you do not currently have a MySECO account, you will be directed to create an account or you can create a MySECO account by visiting the SECO login page.

For more information on accessing your LinkedIn Premium upgrade and other SECO resources, check out the LinkedIn Premium fact sheet and see how you can get started. 

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