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Announcing 365 Eligibility for Military Spouses

Military OneSource services available up to a full year after your service member separates from the military.

Eligibility for the continuum of support offered by Military OneSource, including the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program, is now extended from 180 days to 365 days for spouses after your active-duty and reserve-status service member transitions from the military.

Why the extension?

Transitioning from military life into the civilian world can be a challenging process requiring time and support to make the necessary adjustments for the entire family. The extension of services reinforces the Military OneSource promise to be the one source ready to assist service members and families, providing the resources you need to succeed in every stage of your life – even when it comes to successfully transitioning to civilian life.

What services are available for military spouses?

Military OneSource recognizes the important role military spouses play in family and mission readiness. A Department of Defense-funded program, Military OneSource provides military spouses with a wide range of services, resources and tools that are available up to a year after your service member leaves the military. These include:

  • Employment and education guidance and resources
  • Relocation assistance
  • Resilience tools, health and wellness coaching and non-medical counseling
  • Financial planning
  • Tax support
  • Child care options
  • Specialty consultations for special needs, elder care, adoption and more

The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program provides education and career guidance to military spouses worldwide, offering comprehensive resources and tools to help you reach your career and education goals, including:

Accessing services

Military spouses can access Military OneSource programs 24/7 by calling 800-342-9647 or by visiting the Military OneSource website. You can also access a range of employment and education resources on the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities website. No matter where you land in the world, connect to Military OneSource and get referrals to the services you need. Private, online chat is now available.

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