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Practice Your Interviewing Skills with a Mock Interview

Gain confidence and expert feedback from career coaches at no cost with SECO’s video mock interview services.

Congratulations on landing that interview. A potential employer requesting an interview means you’re that much closer to a job offer. Now, it’s time to prepare for your interview by studying the organization and the job description and practicing your interviewing skills.

Practice makes perfect. You may have written out answers to possible interview questions, but you want your answers to flow during your conversation with a potential employer. Do your answers provide enough information or specifically answer the questions being asked? Are your answers clear?

A video mock interview with a SECO career coach can help you ace any job interview. You can practice interviewing with a career coach to receive personalized assistance with:

  • Crafting the best responses to interview questions
  • Answering questions you may not have on your list
  • Refining your delivery and answers
  • Explaining gaps in your resume
  • Perfecting your nonverbal communication through body language and tone of voice
  • Conducting research on the organization
  • Gaining the confidence necessary to master your interview
  • Following up after an interview

Our expert career coaches make the perfect mock interviewer. They can tell you if you fidget, tap your leg, avoid eye contact or use distracting verbal fillers such as “like” or “um” that make you sound unprepared. Plus, they can help you tweak your planned responses and materials to best impress interviewers.

A video mock interview with a SECO career coach lets you practice in a “no judgment zone,” where you’ll learn what you do well and how you can better prepare to ace your next job interview. Schedule your mock interview by calling Military OneSource at 800-342-9647 and speak with a SECO career coach.

For more information on how this valuable resource can help you rock your next interview and land your dream job, visit the Military OneSource YouTube page.  

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