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MySTeP: A Guide for Your Military Journey

Here’s one of the knowns about military life: At some point, your spouse will leave military service, and your family will transition to civilian life. That transition is a big deal and is different for each family.

The Department of Defense recognizes that for a military family to have a smooth transition to civilian life, the military spouse needs to be supported and prepared just like the service member does. While many of the transition resources available to your service member are also available to you, there is now an online tool, called the Military Spouse Transition Program, or MySTeP, created for you. It allows you to explore and understand the resources, benefits, programs and tools available throughout your military spouse experience. With this program, you can prepare to handle the adventures of military life, including transition to civilian life.

MySTeP is designed by military spouses, for military spouses

The Department of Defense developed MySTeP specifically designed for military spouses preparing for and navigating separation from military service. Research has shown that transitioning to civilian life can be stressful and that key areas of stress for the family include the following:

  • Deciding on a new place to live
  • Finding new schools, child care and health care providers, and recreational activities
  • Change in family income
  • Change in health insurance and other benefits
  • Change in community and sense of identity that comes with military life

Spouses have reported experiencing stress and feeling uncertain or confused about the benefits available to their family. The team of experts that designed MySTeP includes military spouses who have experienced transition and understand the needs of the spouse community. That’s how you know that MySTeP is a vetted resource you can trust.

The program is a self-directed, mobile-friendly online learning experience you can access at your convenience. You can learn at your own pace, from your computer or phone, whenever and wherever. Videos, downloadable resources and specific links guide you toward programs and services on a wide range of topics, including making smart financial decisions, finding social support resources, managing moves and more.

The MySTeP content is broken down into three stages of the military experience: Stepping In, Stepping Through and Stepping Beyond. You can bolster your knowledge with the online resources, at any phase, and with access to experts from Military OneSource or the SECO program.

Stepping In

Stepping In is aimed at military spouses who are still learning what tools, programs and benefits are available through the military. These can help you grow in your personal and professional life. Discovering these resources early gives you plenty of time to make the most of the opportunities provided.

Start now by selecting and watching videos that can help you:

  • Find out about how to finance and explore education options
  • Select a career and build your professional networks
  • Find child care
  • Build a strong financial foundation
  • Connect to personal support resources

Learn about the on-installation and online resources to help you succeed now and through your journey. Using these tools now helps you to get the most out of your military life and prepare you when transition comes – whether that’s after a single term or a thirty-year career.

Stepping Through

Stepping Through is for spouses who are ready to expand on their knowledge and grow their networks. It provides information beyond the basics to further your professional and personal growth. With Stepping Though, you can identify your goals, and dive deeper into the resources and programs that can help you meet those goals. Whether you want to start a business or explore the world of teleworking, this section can get you where you need to go.

Specific content addresses topics including education, PCS moves, employment, health and wellness, and child care.

Stepping Beyond

Stepping Beyond is for spouses whose service member is actively preparing for transition to civilian life. By exploring, learning and preparing, you can take charge of your family’s future.

MySTeP lets you:

  • Make an informed transition plan with information about benefits, health care, finances and transition training
  • Ease the anticipation of the “what-ifs” and “what wills” by planning and preparing
  • Get answers with MySTeP and SECO career coaches
  • Supplement the transition services available through the Transition GPS program
  • Acquire knowledge at your own chosen speed at anytime from anywhere in the world

Share the news about MySTeP with your military spouse friends.

Boost transition success

Transitioning from military to civilian life impacts the well-being of your entire family. By exploring, learning and preparing ahead of time, you can take charge of your family’s future. It is never too early, or too late, to learn about your military benefits and resources. Don’t forget: eligibility for MySTeP and other SECO services, like access to a SECO career coach, ends one year -- 365 days -- after military service ends.

All three stages of MySTeP are supported with personalized guidance from Military OneSource. Call 800-342-9647 to speak with a SECO career coach or start a Live Chat for guidance on your family’s military transition. OCONUS/International? Click here for calling options

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