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Find a wealth of information to support military spouses throughout their careers.

What Spouses are Saying

Military spouses have provided great feedback on the site. 

What features did you find most valuable about the MySECO website?
“I liked that the website has useful tools to help me get a job when I'm done with college. I also like that the website has resume builders.”
“I found the MyICP feature to be extremely helpful in producing focused resources for me to use.”
“I like the fact that there are tasks to complete depending on your ICP. There are many aspects of military life (being a spouse, parent, and worker) that are often overlooked when planning. These tasks are a nice reminder and tool to help keep everything balanced.”
“I appreciate the huge amount of resources for professional and personal development.”

Check out the Tools and Resources page for a detailed description of all that’s available on MySECO.