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Waldorf College: Waldorf College seeks to be an engaging community of learning and faith where relationships are formed and opportunities for learning and service abound. Their mission is to educate the whole person emphasizing integrity and equipping students to succeed and to serve the communities where they live and work; the Waldorf College campus is located in Forest City, Iowa. Columbia Southern University: One of the nation’s first completely online universities, CSU was established to meet the demand for alternatives to the traditional university experience. All degree programs are offered completely online, giving the flexibility to fit education around career and family commitments. Columbia Southern University seeks to change and improve lives through higher education by offering primarily distance education programs at the certificate, undergraduate, and graduate levels enabling a global student body to maximize their professional and personal potential and better serve the communities in which they live and work. The mission provides for quality programs that enhance student learning and are flexible, affordable, and delivered with exceptional service by qualified and caring student-centered faculty and staff.