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Eiden Systems Corporation
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Industry Information
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Computer and Mathematical
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Computer and Mathematical
Installation, Maintenance and Repair
Office and Administrative Support

Decision makers know that successful operations rely on high-quality expertise and experienced teams that are enabled by modern technological solutions.

Discover how a strategic alignment between first-class operations, data and analysis, and training services with modern and innovative information technology solutions will enable your missions to achieve successes beyond the statement of work or request for support.

At ESC, we LISTEN, we ANALYZE, and we SOLVE. We foster a corporate culture that seeks knowledge and truth, empowering our team members and partners with the ability to discover the hidden, analyze the known, and improve our services with technological solutions.  In short, everything we do is done with purpose.  We proudly know that as we enable our Defense, Law Enforcement, Academic, Science and Technology, and International customers and partners with unparalleled analytical support, technical forensic exploitation, identity intelligence, national security solutions, and cutting-edge information technology, we positively change the World with our Nation, within our communities, and for those we serve.