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DialAmerica has always supported military families and we are honored to partner with MSEP to offer much needed career options for the spouses of those serving our nation.

– Art Conway, President and CEO of DialAmerica

About DialAmerica

DialAmerica is one of the nation's largest privately held teleservices companies. Headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey, DialAmerica has 23 call centers located throughout the United States.

Over 3,800 DialAmerica employees work for a diverse portfolio of clients in multiple industry sectors, including financial services, communications, healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, marketing, and fundraising, consumer products, energy and others.


At DialAmerica, It's Simple; We Love Our People.

We believe that people will always be the heart of our success. We value our employees by committing to offer one of best jobs in town-a place where ordinary people have the opportunity to do extraordinary things every day.

At DialAmerica, we believe in providing professional opportunities in a great working environment, and we are proud to have one of the longest tenured management staff in the industry. If you want to work with others that are passionate and enjoy their jobs, then look no further. We invite you to bring your skills and expertise and grow with our team!


Why DialAmerica:

We offer both part and full time opportunities to help military spouses balance the needs of their service member husbands/wives, children and careers.  We offer stability, skills development, advancement opportunities and a positive work environment.  We provide support and opportunities for those that support our troops.  We understand that military spouses serve our nation by supporting active servicemembers at home and abroad. DialAmerica provides the following benefits to military spouses:

  • Flexibility. DialAmerica provides family-friendly scheduling for all employees, which is especially important for military families.
  • Career opportunities – The DialAmerica culture ensures that military spouses are able to take advantage of the immense growth opportunities at our call centers – from agents to supervisors – military spouses are encouraged to grow with the company.
  • Service accrual – DialAmerica allows military spouses to build and maintain service accrual records even if they have to leave and return to their jobs.
  • Transferability – DialAmerica allows military spouse employees to seamlessly transfer from one center to another in the event that a family has to relocate.
  • Family Atmosphere. We are a family-owned and family-friendly company and the perfect answer for a just relocated military spouse. 
  • Performance Based Pay. With a structured base salary and DialAmerica's generous incentive plans, employees can earn top dollar in a family-oriented environment dedicated to their success and personal growth.

We know that military spouses are dedicated and disciplined.  Whether you are active duty, retired, surviving or reserve, we would love to have you consider us as your employment choice, and join our DialAmerica family. To learn more about our company, please visit our corporate career site at: