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With a mission of leading clients on their digitaltransformation journeys, DXC Technology will be recognized globally as a forcemultiplier, enabling clients to seize the opportunities presented by today’srapidly changing technologies. The DXC brand will be built on a foundation oftrust and transformation, with a relentless drive to help clients thrive onchange.

*             Trust:Clients are betting their future on us. And we have the combined experience andcalm hand to lead them through technology-driven business transformation likeno other company.

*             Transform:Together, we will have greater resources, better talent and larger global reachthan ever before to help our clients transform, giving them the confidence tomanage accelerating change.

*             Thrive:By positioning ourselves as uniquely able to help clients thrive on change,we’ve captured a truth that will only become more essential with time.

Over decades, CSC and HPE ES have successfullytransformed its businesses and met the challenges of innovation, helping toguide the world’s largest enterprises and government agencies through multiplechange cycles. 

Now, together as DXC Technology, our technologyindependence, world-class talent and industry-leading partner ecosystem willprovide a clear and confident vision for the future.

*             Technologyindependence: Through our partnerships with the world’s leading technologyproviders, we will deliver the best, most proven solutions to de-risktechnology investments.

*             World-classtalent: We are going to invest to attract and upskill world-class talent likeyou.

*             Confidentguidance: We have met the challenges of innovation many times before, and havea clear and confident vision for navigating the future.


Our brand story and corporate culture will reflect a setof strong, CLEAR values: 

*             Client-focused,Leadership, Execution excellence, Aspiration, and Results

We are very excited and passionate about our newcompany’s brand and future, and hope you are too.