Resume Samples

Download a sample job announcement, cover letter and resume.

Disclaimer:The resume samples, cover letters and job descriptions are fictitious and are used for informational purposes only.

Michael Samuels, Certified Public Accountant

  • Experienced Army spouse seeks management position to expand future career options
  • Uses the chronological resume format showing month and year of employment, even with short gaps due to relocation
  • Worked as a volunteer while in college to gain experience in accounting

Sophie Townsend, Human Resources

  • Navy spouse with a bachelor’s degree, certification and more than 10 years of progressive experience
  • Applying for a Senior Human Resources management position
  • Recently relocated from California to Florida

Mamie Owens, Events Manager

  • Army spouse with seven years of experience as an employee, volunteer and entrepreneur
  • Made personal contact at organization and referred to that connection in cover letter
  • Used volunteer experience to highlight experience in a specific role

Gertrude Nichols, Personal Financial Advisor

  • Army spouse who attended FINRA Foundation Fellowship Program
  • Has a bachelor’s degree, a host of industry certifications and great experience
  • Sent application package to an operations manager she recently met at a Chamber of Commerce networking event

Lisa Jones, Professional Photographer

  • Entrepreneurial Navy spouse looking for photographer position with stable, regular hours with Navy Exchange Services, a Military Spouse Employment Partnership partner
  • Turned passion for photography into career; work-at-home parent started volunteering to build a portfolio and then created a business
  • Worked in a photo studio to gain additional skills and experience
  • Gained certifications, completed Associate of Arts degree, and continues to build portfolio and expand personal business during relocations

Beth Buchanan, Veterinary Assistant

  • Early career Army spouse with certification
  • Includes both paid and volunteer experience because skills gained are relevant to a career as a veterinary assistant
  • Gained experience through volunteer work, expanded network, meeting the veterinarian who is accepting resumes
  • Obtained recommended certification for veterinary assistant, and highlights it at top of resume and in education section, as well as in cover letter

Amanda Cortez, Patient Access Representative

  • Early-career Army spouse seeking position in Tacoma, Washington
  • Three years of work experience in medical office environments, including internship
  • Certified in medical terminology, medical office management, and medical coding and billing

Kristy Richards, Dialysis Patient Care Technician

  • Marine spouse seeking position in Yuma, Arizona
  • Bachelor’s degree and certifications with four years of paid experience
  • Volunteered in her area of interest to gain experience and eliminate resume gaps

Joan Parsons, Medical Assistant

  • Early-career Army spouse certified as a medical assistant
  • Has resume gaps but notes volunteer experience during those gaps
  • Details experience as a dermatology medical assistant since she’s applying for a similar position

Sheila Perry, Radiology Transcriptionist

  • Army spouse with eight years of experience, including three years in radiology transcription
  • Graduate of a medical transcription training program
  • Possesses industry certifications

Jane Dowling, R.N., Graduate Registered Nurse

  • Air Force spouse, early in career as a registered nurse
  • Experienced in secretarial and medical office duties, which is not mentioned on registered nurse resume
  • Focuses resume on education, skills and experience as a nurse because all the requirements of the position are met; does mention documentation and charting in the qualifications section of resume
  • Developed a chronological and a functional resume – both appropriate in applicant’s situation

Roberta Wheeler, Bilingual Dental Assistant

  • Army Reserve spouse with deployed husband seeking more regular hours
  • Recently switched careers from retail to dental assistant
  • Obtained certifications, training, internship and has some work experience in new field

Judy M. Smith, Behavioral Health and Social Work

  • Experienced, licensed Marine Corps spouse seeks new position due to relocation
  • Lists experience by year to cover gaps
  • Includes volunteer experience in “relevant experience” section
  • Highlights California certification at top of resume since position is in California
  • Includes education and credentials at the bottom of resume, omitting dates of degrees
  • Restates education and credentials in cover letter

Lillian Kim, Health Educator

  • Bilingual Navy spouse at early-career stage as Health Educator
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science but minimal experience in chosen field
  • Details transferable work and volunteer experience from previous positions

Mary Carver, Teacher

  • Experienced Army spouse with teaching certification
  • Highlights credentials and awards, and follows with a teaching competencies section before listing actual teaching experience
  • Concludes resume with degrees and certifications

Hilda Green, Google Apps Developer

  • Experienced and entrepreneurial Air Force spouse with volunteer experience in her field
  • Has a bachelor’s degree and working on a master’s degree
  • Used personal recommendation to apply for a contract position as a Google apps developer

Bertha Sanchez, IT Help Desk Support

  • Air Force spouse, early career
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, three years of work experience
  • Applying for temporary to permanent position

Heather Carr, Senior Administrative Paralegal

  • Air Force spouse with a bachelor’s degree
  • Has a certificate in paralegal studies and Microsoft Office Specialist certification
  • Four years of experience in a legal setting

Kenneth Arnold, Legal Intern*

  • Army spouse working on law degree
  • Applying for federal internship position through the Pathways Program
  • Has previous legal intern experience but hopes to learn international law in hands-on environment

Tamara Christenson, Field Service Supervisor

  • Navy spouse and recently separated Navy technician
  • Bachelor’s degree in management more than six years of experience
  • Work-related certifications in quality and electronics

Naomi Conner, Sous Chef

  • Experienced Navy spouse with two years of civilian culinary experience
  • Former Navy service member with five years of Navy culinary experience
  • Military service experience translated to civilian terminology

Benjamin Banks, Medical Repair Technician

  • Experienced Marine Corps spouse
  • Relocating from San Diego, California, to Northern Virginia
  • Resume focused on experience and skills, not on education

Steve Bates, Electrician

  • Air Force spouse relocating from Texas to Oklahoma
  • Experienced electrician seeking electrician position in new location
  • Has Journeyman Electrician License

Sophia Barker, Forester*

  • Army spouse seeking federal position with the Department of the Army as a forester
  • Relocated to Fort Gordon, Georgia; meets and exceeds experience and education requirements
  • Uses federal resume format and high previous work experience as Knowledge, Skills and Abilities narrative statements

Esther Spencer, Human Geographer

  • Marine spouse and former Marine veteran with military intelligence experience
  • Current TS/SCI clearance, with polygraph
  • More than seven years of related experience, Bachelor of Arts in Geography with Human Geography Focus

Yolanda Wilkins, Executive Assistant/Project Manager

  • Navy spouse with a bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Has medical office and project management experience
  • Illustrates how range of experience and skills meets and exceeds job requirements

Roxanne Leonard, Fitness Trainer

  • Army spouse with paid and volunteer work experience
  • Looking to turn passion for exercise and fitness into a career
  • Associate degree in general studies and certifications in personal training and CPR

Wesley Warren, Program Specialist*

  • Experienced Army spouse applying for federal position
  • Uses federal resume format that details work experience, education, licenses and certifications, professional development courses, awards and additional experience
  • No limit on the length of a federal resume
  • Comprehensive list of details illustrates why applicant is the best candidate for position

Margaret Smith, Investigative Assistant*

  • Air Force spouse and recently transitioning Army veteran eligible for veteran’s preference, seeking federal position in protective services
  • Resume in federal format, detailing Army experience, top secret clearance
  • Certifications, awards and all pertinent background information included in resume

Elsa Phelps, Real Estate Agent

  • Air Force spouse with real estate and sales background, referred by company agent
  • Holds valid Florida Real Estate Broker license, active memberships and sales awards
  • In process of transferring Florida license to Virginia
* federal resume format. Build a Resume