Build Your Individual Career Plan

The MyICP, or individual career plan, is an interactive tool you can use as a road map to achieve your career goals. The MyICP Wizard asks you to identify your current education or career goal and answer a few basic questions to help customize a plan specifically for you.

Select a goal

Choose the goal that meets your current career objective. Maybe your objective is to get a job, go to school, change careers or re-enter the workforce. No matter what your goal is, your individual career plan will help you to achieve it.

Your goals may also change as your career progresses. Return to the wizard at any time to create a new career plan better suited for your current situation.

Personalize your plan

To customize your plan, the wizard asks a series of short questions based on your selected goal and current situation, and uses information you provided in your MySECO profile. The wizard then generates a plan that's right for you.

Achieve your goal

Your personalized MyICP will consist of a series of suggested milestones and tasks designed to help you achieve your personal education and career goals.

For additional support, call 800-342-9647 to have a Career Coach review your personalized individual career plan.

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